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The background story of Why high-level Inersiens are assigned a Protectorate

At one time, most of the mountain Natisiens refused to participate in anything that involved the Inerisens. The forest Natisiens helped build the first part of the city, along with the inner wall to keep the dangerous wildlife out. As generations pass, more Inerisnes were capable of manipulating energy. One, named Naehus, was so adept at doing so, he was almost capable of opening portals to other universes. Unfortunately, he saw something that made him snap, and he began to take control by force and manipulation. The forest Natisiens were not happy with that, and they began to leave the city.

The city began to decay.

The Mountain Natisiens had settled in the Mountains due to the flood in the Ravine, their old home. It hadn't been long, but they were already settled, digging a cave city at the top of Niakta mountain that overlooked Zherosha city.

During this time, Naehus finally learned how to open a portal. He and the leader found a planet full of primitive people that look like them. These primitive people thought they were gods and Naehus loved the idea, but the leader did not and forbade Naehus from opening the portal again. Naehus challenged him and won, killing the leader.

Josias, another strong Inersien was the advisor at the time, and he instructed his wife, Gaelia to take their son to the caves in the mountain. As he predicted, Naehus began to kill everyone that was a threat. Josias was warned about Naehus long before it all started, so he had pretended to be incapable of taking Naehus on.

Then Gaelia came back, and Naehus killed her, causing Josias to flee. He went to the caves and told this to the mountain Natisien tribal leader. He tried to explain that Naehus will eventually come to the caves, but the tribal leader wouldn't listen.

For a while, Josias and his son, Zakkon stayed with the giants for a long while. Zakkon growing up with Nahaeda, the tribal leader's son and they became fast friends.

Eventually, the few mountain Natisiens in the city left to go back to the tribe. Naehus hunted them down to try to force them to go back, and he killed many of them trying to stop him.

Finally, Josias came up with a plan with the tribal leader. Josias goaded Naehus into opening a portal until Naehus did. The tribal leader, who was hiding in the nearby bushes, jumped out and grabbed Naehus to throw him into the portal. Naehus caught on and sent an energy burst to the tribal leader. Josias took advantage of Naehus's distraction, and pushed him into the portal, falling in himself.

The tribal leader, barely alive, told Nahaeda to work with the Inersiens and to remember his friendship with Zakkon.

Zakkon and Nahaeda worked together to rebuild their lives and the lives of the Natisiens and Inersiens and to work on a system that benefits both species.

Inersiens are trained to be passive and the dangers of harming others with their abilities. They were also taught the importance of connecting with other Inersiens as it helps to deal with issues with mental strife. Natisiens are not only taught the importance of friendships, but also the importance of protecting them and keeping them safe.

Not too long after, what was thought as superstition, was proven after research on the genetics of Natisiens. An Inersien present in the tribe simulates the immune system of both the Forest and Natisiens, reinforcing the importance of Inersiens to Natisiens.

In spite of this, there is an underlying fear that one like Naehus will come again, and the protectorate system was born. Any high-level Inersien is assigned one as soon as it appears that they will become a certain level or higher. It's usually one of the same age, and they train together.

he protectorate is trained to protect the Inersien at all costs. Inersiens are trained to let their protectorate protect them, instead of using their own abilities to defend themselves.