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Scants are a predatory animal hunted by the Natisiens. Usually, they hunt without weapons as a means to prove their worth as tribesmen.  It's typically the tribesmen that hunt, but sometimes Natisien citizen men and women would join.

 A creature found on Zherosha called a Scant Another angle of a Scant made in Spore 

  • They hunt in packs.
  • Their fur is usually black, brown, tan or all three in calico fashion
  • Their fur is like rabbit fur 
  • They have very strong back legs that allows them to pounce on their prey. They also run on their hind legs.
  • They have a face like a cat, but the snout is longer, almost like a wolf.
  • They are mostly carnivorous. Will eat berries sometimes
  • Their front claws are like a racoon. They use this to grip their food when eating, and they will use to climb trees. Their sharp claws will be used to slash.
  • While they will climb when chasing prey, they usually stay in the berry shrubbery.
  • They have a long tail they use for balance.
  • They will hunt anything that moves, including Natisiens who can reach up to 10 feet tall.
  • They can jump up to 10 feet high
  • They are about the size of a large dog.
  • They are somewhat telepathic. Inersiens can pick them up before the Natisiens. So, sometimes Natisiens will take an Inersien to help with the hunt.


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