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Privacy Policy for Zherosha Chronicles

Until I have an official legal legal jargon on here, this will have to do.

Note: I reserve the right to change this policy at any time (especially since this site will expand). Also, at the moment, this doubles as the TOS.

  1. I don't sell your information. When I have a newsletter, the emails are only for the sake of delivering that newsletter.
  2. Anything you post on the Facebook Page is subject to Facebook's Privacy Policies
  3. Anything you post on Disqus is subject to Disqus's privacy policies.
  4. Anything you post on Twitter is subject to Twitter's privacy policies
  5. I Use Google Tracking and Analytics to traffic. Cookies are inevitable from this feature. You can turn off cookies through your browser.
    ... If you use Adblock, some functions of the website, in particular images that link to my books will not show up. I do have links to the book that aren't blocked.
  6. Assume the links to products are either affiliates or to my products unless specified otherwise.

I plan on expanding the website to include more interactions, so I'll probably update the private policy accordingly.