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Nahaeda and Zakkon looks on as the Portal closes

Excerpt from: The Early Years: The story of Naehus
   “Two generations ago,” Nahaeda began, “There was a man named Naehus. The son of Zaenias, he was a high-level Inersien who involved himself with research.”
   “Zherosha citizens were beginning to reach beyond their solar system. Naehus discovered something that made him believe that he was on the same level as the creator.”
   “Using this discovery, they found a distant planet. The Inersien leader wanted to try to trade with the inhabitants. Naehus thought it would be better to take control of the planet. After all, the inhabitants of the planet were so primitive that they think that the Inersiens were gods.”
   “But to be a god is to be against the creator, isn't it?” Amnika asked. Realizing she interrupted she meekly said, "Oh, sorry.”
   Nahaeda laughed, “You would be right, little one. No one is on the same level as the creator. If you allow others to worship you are insinuating that you are. It eventually prevents you from connecting and if you don't connect to others…” Nahaeda paused, waiting for Amnika to finish.


This is part of the "Pre-Story" - a story that I wrote long before I started my book. There's a lot of exposition, head-hopping, and clumsy wording. I tried editing some, but without re-writing the whole thing, there's not much I could do about it. I do have plans with fixing it and maybe turn it into a real short story. You can see the story on Facebook where I'm doing some minor edits as I repost from Minds.