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Eliabeth: Heritage

Elizabeth: Heritage $1.99

(Episode 1) Some Conspiracty theories are true. When Author and self-proclaimed Conspiracy Theorist Elizabeth Weinstein takes a DNA test, she discovers the otherworldly truth about her heritage.

Elizabeth: New Wave

Elizabeth: New Wave $.99

(Episode 2) Finding her home broken into, Elizabeth discovers that she stirred up a hornet's nest in Ohio; One that seems to be controlled by an Anime Character wannabe.


Elizabeth: Warning $.99

(Episode 3) Elizabeth goes to her getaway house to hide from the "New Wave" organization where she's haunted by a questionable entity.

Elizabeth: Giant

Elizabeth: Giant Problem $.99

(Episode 4) Alien-human hybrid, Sixty-year-old Elizabeth Weinstein is stuck in Perdita, hiding from the New Wave Organization goons.

Elizabeth: Giant Problem

Elizabeth: Homecoming $.99

(Episode 5) Can Elizabeth avoid getting killed by Nevil and convince Roger Cortez to train her for a critical mission, even though she doesn't know what it is?

Elizabeth: Family Ties

Elizabeth: Family Ties $.99

(Episode 6) Nevil wants to get to Elizabeth through her uncle. Can she find her estranged family member before the villain does?

Elizabeth: Kidnapped

Elizabeth: Kidnapped $.99

(Episode 7) Josias, who tried to kill her in the past, has other plans and now Elizabeth is stuck with him in an underground facility with no way out.

Elizabeth: The Feds

Elizabeth: The Feds $.99

(Episode 8) Could Elizabeth find the mole revealing her location before Nevil strikes again?

Elizabeth: Found

Elizabeth: Found $1.99

(Episode 9) Sixty-two-year-old Elizabeth Weinstein must start her training if she wants to use her abilities to find her sister, who hides a dark secret of her own.

Elizabeth: Transformation

Elizabeth: Transformation $2.99

(Episode 10) Elizabeth's twin sister is found, but no time for a family runion, Nevil upped his game and he needs to be stopped.