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Excerpt from Elizabeth: Heritage:

     “This whole time, I didn’t know who I was…” I stopped and looked at Peter. “No one even bothered to bring this up to me when they got here.”
     “We weren’t sure how you would react.”
     “Well,” I spread my arms out, still holding my purse in one hand. “I found out anyway, and here I am! Reacting!” I stared at them for a moment. “Take me home,” I said. “I have a bone to pick with Mr. Cortez.”

"Okay, Then." I started back towards the car. "Let's go!"


Elizabeth: Heritage available on Amazon

Elizabeth: Heritage ($1.99 USD)

(Episode 1) Author and self-proclaimed Conspiracy Theorist Elizabeth Weinstein is set to retire. Under pressure from her family, she takes a DNA test. Who knew a simple test would put her life plans on hold?

Elizabeth: the New Wave available on Amazon

Elizabeth: New Wave ($.99 USD)

(Episode 2) Finding her home broken into, Elizabeth discovers that she stirred up a hornet's nest in Ohio; One that seems to be controlled by an Anime Character wannabe.

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Elizabeth: New Wave ($.99)

(Episode 3) Elizabeth goes to her getaway house to hide from the "New Wave" organization. While there, she discovers more about her heritage and the aliens she's genetically related to. She gets an onimous visit from "beyond" and discovers that there are some things she can't run from.

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