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Other facts:

  • Inersiens and Natisiens are separate humanoid species, and yes, they look like humans (as cliché as it is, that fact IS important).
  • No, there are no racial tensions, but they do recognize their differences and sometimes poke fun.
  • There are other Natisien tribes, but for this book, I focused on the ones in the caves near the city.
  • The Inersiens went through two population implosions. They're on the rebound, but all who are left live in the city
  • Natisiens are giants and are Apex predators. They hunt another predator called "scants." They sell the excess as cheap meat in the city. Patri (a grazing creature much like buffalo) used to be their primary source of meat, but the scants nearly wipe them out. They still exist but only because of some land management by the Natisiens.
  • Natisiens are craftsmen, and they hate politics, and they would prefer to stay out of it. The tribal leader and his family are the only ones who interact with the command - unless they're guarding them.
  • The Inersiens respect the Natisiens, and would like them to get involved but aren't successful.
  • Inersiens are telepathically linked to each other, but they aren't "true telepaths." They can't read the minds of other species.
  • Inersiens are taught to keep their emotions and thoughts in check. If they are "projecting" or becoming emotional, they are to put the hood of their specialized cape over their head. Their bedrooms are insulated to prevent dreams from interfering with the night crews.
  • "Sharing" is when more than one Inersien shares their thoughts and emotions with each other. This is encouraged.
  • Inersiens also "cast" thoughts with each other. They do this as smoothly as switching languages mid-sentence. If you have bilingual parents/grandparents, you would understand this.
  • There's only one city; the rest are Natisien tribal territories that aren't mentioned in this book.
  • The order of leadership is Leader, Advisor, Head instructor, Head researcher, High Military/Space Commander, Mining Community Officers.
  • Natisiens are actually small at first (but fat). There's a period where they grow fast, losing their baby fat. During this time they eat a lot of food. Natisien women (and some men) will berate the kids (and sometimes adults) for not eating enough.
  • Inersiens "unite" by sharing energy. There is no ceremony, but other Inersiens can sense it. It is recorded in the city records to keep track of lineage.
  • Natisiens "pair" by having sex. They do have a ceremony after. Women will have three braids representing the three pillars of Womanhood, and the men will tie their beards with a leather strip and plant-based twine.

The Zheroshians trade with Hemeria, a planet of reptilian-like creatures. The Hemerian Youth are troublemakers. The adults are arrogant and boastful. Think Narcissists.

The Nahborians are allies who are in the same solar system. They also trade with the Zheroshians. They are true telepaths (Amnika finds this out later).

Natisiens: Large (some reach 12ft), bulky (think the dead-lifter type of body), Hairy with red hair. Women have less hair. their Clothing usually consists with linen-type underclothes and leather outerwear.
Inersiens: small, telepathic (tallest known male was 6'1", most males reach 5'9" but some are shorter. Citizens clothing are plain but you can find died clothing in the open market. Inersiens who can project emotions have to wear a cape to minimize distractions.