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   When they finished, Trinka turned towards the cooking area to grab a bar for her morning meal. Amnika went to follow, but Father stopped her.
   "Do you remember a promise you made yesterday?" He had a bar in his hand and handed it to Amnika.
   Amnika took a moment to think.
   "Oh, I missed the story!"
   Father nodded.
   "Ishda was here asking for you this morning. He knew what happened, and He was understanding, but it's important to apologize anyway. You shouldn't make promises Amnika. You never know what might happen later."
   Amnika nodded. Natisiens were strict in keeping promises. They sometimes understood if there was a death, but they appreciated an apology anyway.
   "I'll go with you," Trinka said.
   "Don't be too long," Father said, "The ceremony starts soon."
   Amnika nodded, and the two girls went out of the door.
   Ishda wasn't hard to find. He was cleaning the entertainment platform after the previous night's stories.
   "Hello, Ishda," Amnika said.
   Ishda stopped and stood to face her.
   "I apologize for breaking my promise," Amnika said, and she looked down. "I shouldn't have made a promise. I didn't know I wouldn't be able to keep it."
   Ishda grunted his approval. He walked over to Amnika and kneeled in front of her. Amnika felt his large hand under her chin. Ishda lifted her head up so she would look him in the eye.
   "Many Inersiens died last night," he lamented. "It's a sad day for everyone."
   Ishda put his arm behind Amnika, indicating that he wanted to pick her up. He saw Trinka nearby, and he gestured to invite her to his other arm. They both climbed on.
   "I'll take you home," He said, "Then I take you to the ceremony."