Zherosha towers and Zherosha with her moons

Amnika is a young Inersien girl who is to become a Zherosha citizen. Everyone knows her to be a form of prodigy and She lives in a city along with the Natisiens, the gentle giants of the planet. Together, they work peacefully on a quest for knowledge and space exploration.


Soon, they begin to have problems with a new form of raiders attacking their trading lines. While Zherosha holds their own, the Inersiens start to die off from a mysterious illness.


Then Amnika comes across a mysterious, ancient, energy-based species who promises knowledge beyond anyone's dreams. She doesn't understand what the entity offered, so Amnika turns him down. The Natisien Tribal leader hears about this and warns Amnika against interacting with these beings without further explanation.


Amnika then travels into space on her first mission and ends up in a wormhole that shoots her and her traveling companions towards a mysterious planet. If it was not for the A.I. on her ship, they would have crashed landed.


When she gets home, the wildlife begins exhibit strange behavior. Animal migration is off season and one predatory animal becomes more aggressive than usual.


Then Amnika finds out that the mysterious planet harbors a dark secret about her and her mother's history. These secrets may help save her people.






When they finished, Trinka turned towards the cooking area to grab a bar for her morning meal. Amnika went to follow, but Zeth stopped her.

"Do you remember a promise you made yesterday?" He asked.

Amnika took a moment to think.

"Oh, I missed the story!"

Zeth nodded.

"Ishda was here asking for you this morning. I told him what happened. He was understanding, but it's important to apologize anyway. You shouldn't make promises Amnika. You never know what might happen later."

Amnika nodded. She realized it was wrong for her to make the promise in the first place. Natisiens took promises seriously. They understand if there was a death, but they appreciate an apology anyway.

"I'll go with you," Trinka said.

"Don't be too long," Zeth said, "The ceremony starts soon."

Amnika nodded and the two girls went out of the door.

Ishda wasn't hard to find. He was at the entertainment platform, cleaning what's left of the previous night's stories.

"Hello, Ishda," Amnika said.

Ishda stopped and stood to face her.

"I apologize for breaking my promise," Amnika said and she looked down. "I shouldn't have made a promise. I didn't know I wouldn't be able to keep it."

Ishda grunted his approval. He walked over to Amnika and kneeled in front of her.

Amnika felt his large hand under her chin. Ishda lifted her head up so she would look him in the eye.

"Many Inersiens died last night," he lamented. "It's a sad day for everyone."

Ishda put his arm behind Amnika, indicating that he wanted to pick her up. He saw Trinka nearby and he gestured to invite her onto his other arm. They both climbed on.

"I'll take you home," He said, "Then I take you to the ceremony."