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Yay! Internet! Oh how I missed thee!

Roger studied me, and he drew in a few deep breaths in what I assume an attempt to calm himself. He stepped forwards and grabbed my hand. “Close your eyes, or you’ll get dizzy.”

I complied and immediately images from his perspective: a young woman in a cape ahead of him. He put his hand on her shoulder. She turned around, pulled off her hood, and gave a half-smile. There, looking back, was a near-exact copy of me, minus the freckles and the moles that were caused by Earth’s harsher environment. Her hazel-green eyes glinted in the sun, giving him a sense of joy.

Identical twins, I thought, as the image faded. I understood that it wasn’t just sharing memories that were the problem. I looked exactly like the person he lost.

-- From Elizabeth: Homecoming

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