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   "Go ahead and put me down, Mihka." It finally dawned on Amnika why her father wanted her back and off to the side. She was out of sight of the Dome hangar. If the Hemerians were going to cause trouble with the leadership, she would be a target because of her father.
   As her feet touched the ground, she saw a Hemerian youth peak around the opening; his green scales shimmered in the late morning sunlight. He caught her eye and stared at her. In a brief moment, he covered a considerable amount of distance in their direction before Mihka stood in front of Amnika and growled.
   Another Natisien shooed him away.
   "Mihka," Amnika said, and she touched his hand. "What's going on?" Instinct kicked in, and she took a step behind him.
   "No one knows who attacked us. Hemerians are playing as if they know something. Zakkon and Zeth do not trust them."

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